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Hot Water High Pressure Cleaner

The hot water high-pressure cleaner is the best tool for tough or non water-soluble dirt removal. Suitable for different uses and ideal in several sectors like agriculture, food industry and primary and secondary building.

Hot Water High Pressure Cleaner LAVOR


Floor Scrubber-Driers

Direct experience of professional people has resulted in Lavor floor scrubbers range: easy to handle, powerful, efficient, carefully conceived and designed by using top-quality materials.

Floor scrubber-driers, Mesin Scrubber

New commercial wet & dry range of vacuum cleaners

Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Indispensable: Wet and dry vacuum cleaners effortlessly pick up all kinds of dirt.

Whether dry, wet or liquid: Lavor machines pick up everything. This means that you can use the vacuum cleaner purely as a wet vacuum cleaner or just as a dry vacuum cleaner.

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At Kleen Mart, customer focus is our top priority. Hotlines, operating manuals, demonstrations, customer service, fleet management and many other services offer private and professional customers quick, expert assistance with any question or problem.

  • Walk Behind Sweepers - Floor Sweepers

    Walk Behind Sweepers - Floor Sweepers

    Walk Behind Sweepers - Floor Sweepers Vacuums are ergonomic and easy to use. From battery-powered walk-behind floor sweepers to industrial rider sweepers.
  • Walk Behind Scrubber Driers - Floor Scrubber

    Walk Behind Scrubber Driers - Floor Scrubber (2)

    Offered Walk Behind Scrubber Driers - Floor Scrubber for efficient deep cleaning & maintenance cleaning. Choose the right floor scrubber.
  • Vacuum Cleaners

    Vacuum Cleaners (8)

    Harga Vacum Cleaner Terbaik ➀Jual Vacuum Cleaner Murah Terjamin βœ… Bisa Cicilan 0% βœ… Vacuum Cleaner (Penyedot Debu) - Temukan Vacuum Cleaner (Penghisap Debu) Terbaik untuk kebutuhan Anda.
  • Spare Parts & Accessories

    Spare Parts & Accessories (2)

    Kleen Mart Cleaning Support offers Industrial Cleaning machines, spare parts and accessories including vacuum cleaner, floor and carpet machines etc. We are a wholesaler that specializes in the Cleaning Machines aftermarket spare parts and accessories industry and provide a range of specialised products.
  • Single Disc Machines - Polisher

    Single Disc Machines - Polisher (1)

    Jual Single Disc Machines - Polisher Untuk Berbagai Keperluan, Berkualitas dan Terlengkap. Pesan Sekarang Disini Kleen Mart.
  • Ride on Sweepers

    Ride on Sweepers

    Ride-On Sweepers are Compact, Maneuverable and Reliable. They are Designed With Simplicity and Reliability in Mind and Guarantee
  • Ride On Scrubber Driers

    Ride On Scrubber Driers

    Ride On Scrubber Drier-Mobil Pembersih Lantai-Ideal for Medium-Sized Areas of Between 2500 and 6000 mΒ², Compact and Battery-Powered Ride-On Scrubber Drier With Disc or Roller Brush Technique.
  • Pumps & Electropumps

    Pumps & Electropumps

    More than 40 years of constructive experience… We offers a comprehensive range of pumps and motor pumps constructed and designed to meet any requirement of the market, providing a long-lasting and reliable solution to address cleaning needs…
  • Mopping Tools

    Mopping Tools

    Ergonomic, purpose-built floor cleaning tools are essential for spotless restroom floors. Remove debris, clean corners & more.
  • Janitor Tools

    Janitor Tools

    Get low prices and quick shipping on cleaning supplies and janitorial equipment from Kleen Mart, from mop heads to soap dispensers and sponges.
  • High Pressure Cleaners

    High Pressure Cleaners (12)

    Jual High Pressure Cleaner & Jet Washer Terbaru, Berkualitas dan Terlengkap Berbagai Brand. Pesan sekarang di sini. Harga Murah dengan Promo & Diskon, Produk Original, Terbaik, Bergaransi & Gratis Ongkir.
  • Floor Matting

    Floor Matting

    3Mβ„’ Matting Products are designed to trap dirt and debris, remove moisture, reduce fatigue and help keep floors clean and safe throughout your facility.
  • Dry Steam Cleaners - Steam Vacuum Cleaners

    Dry Steam Cleaners - Steam Vacuum Cleaners

    LAVOR Dry Steam Cleaners - Steam Vacuum Cleaners feature high operating comfort and effective cleaning performance on all hard surfaces. The extensive range of accessories ensures targeted cleaning.
  • Cleaning Trolley

    Cleaning Trolley

    Modular, compact, handy and fully customizable solutions.
  • Chemicals & Sprayers

    Chemicals & Sprayers

    LAVOR Chemicals & Sprayers In order to complete the chemical products supply and to allow a better applicability and effectiveness, the sprayers are the perfect solution when supply wideness, use versatility and dosage saving are taken into consideration.
  • Chemicals


    High Quality Chemicals with Competitive Price. Source Chemicals from Best Now!
  • Carpet Extractor 3 in 1

    Carpet Extractor 3 in 1 (2)

    Jual Carpet Extractor 3 in 1 Roll Brush Speed 1100 RPM. Mesin Cuci Karpet Terbaik dengan Harga Lebih Murah - Carpet Extractor 3 in 1 25 Liter. Mesin Carpet Extractor Serba Guna untuk Kebutuhan Carpet atau Sofa.
  • Air Mover - Carpet Blower

    Air Mover - Carpet Blower

    Best Seller Air Mover - Carpet Blower 3 Speed for Water Damage Restoration Carpet Dryer Floor Home and Plumbing Use in Blue.

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